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About KatieKare and their love for animals. <3

My name is Katie Milliken, owner of KatieKare "For Your Pets"
 - I have always had a passion for all animals.

My inspiration for opening my business
 was the first love of my life, “Lacy”. Lacy is just one of many loving companions I have in my life, all of whom have a special place in my heart. I couldn’t stand the thought of Lacy or any beloved pet spending even one night away from home and knew a kennel or boarding facility wouldn't be appropriate for my pets needs; my dear Lacy would be happiest in the comfort of her own home and on her routine schedule when I was away. I felt sure that many other pet lovers felt the same way and struggled with finding loving and professional pet care for their family members. 

My desire to fill this need lead to my education and career path in the care of pets and animals of all types, not just our fellow domestic animals. Along with the medical knowledge I had already obtained by working as a Technician at a pet hospital, I also was interested in learning more about wildlife and exotic animals to where I spent 3 months at Santuario Silvestrie Wildlife Sanctuary in Costa Rica; feeding, mothered, rehabilitating, socialized with, and caring for a delightful array of unusual animals.

So, whether your pet is 4-legged, scurries, slithers, flies, or hangs from a tree, KatieKare is here for you!

At KatieKare, we adore animals and treat each and every pet as our own. We value your trust and work hard to earn and keep that trust. 90% of our business comes from very satisfied "word of mouth" families and/or are repeat customers. We encourage you to check out our references and reviews on our testimonials page to see what other families are saying about KatieKare.

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KatieKare "For Your Pets"
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